Vegan Presents in the New Year

Vegan Presents in the New Year

Well Christmas is over and all those lovely Vegan Presents that are available in the High Street shops are no longer available. However, my sisters birthday is in January and guess what …. yes she is a vegan too. What is more is it’s not just any birthday she is the grand old age of 50. So I’m a little stumped on what I can get her. I’m thinking on the theme of “Live begins at 50” and need to come up with that something just a little bit special and of course different.

Having seen that there isn’t much left in the shops I’ve started doing some internet trawling to find this special gift. A google search for vegan gifts does the trick and I’m confronted with an eclectic array of websites that offer me the perfect gift. Well that’s what they claim anyway! With the theme of being 50 I am led to the cosmetic range of gifts and find that there are numerous creams and potions which are vegan friendly and offer me some definite food for though.

Cosmetic Vegan Presents for the Over 50s

Well I finally settled on getting some anti-ageing beauty products and was mesmerised by the range of products available which promised to reduce wrinkles, crows feet and sun spots. But I’m left wondering if they really work. Do they do all they claim to do? Hence I start looking though customer reviews to find out what the consumers think about these products. Lo and behold, I was right many of these products have a really low success rates with a great number of them not even achieving one star ratings.

I eventually land on one company Mychelle Dermaceuticals which consumers give top ratings and claim that they really work, reducing the wrinkles and adding a lovely tone to the skin. What is more all their products are totally cruelty-free and excellent as vegan presents. Products were all made with plant derivative ingredients and were gluten free with no toxic ingredients such as petroleum or artificial colourings.

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There is a good range of products and I eventually settled on getting some wrinkle spot cream which was promoted as a treatment that would stimulate the collagen in the skin and help the skin to gain elasticity. It also boasted that it’s combination of ingredients were able to reduce how deep your wrinkles are nearly 50% when you use it twice daily for over a month.

I also bought some retinal serum which was for sensitive skin. The product had a chemical called Ceramide 3 in it which I had heard of before as being great at reducing redness and helping with collagen regrowth.